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“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.”
~ Hippocrates

Nutrition Therapy is integral to the healing process and the dining experience is an important part of an individual’s medical and social well-being. Therefore, meeting the nutritional needs of our patients with well-balanced meals and snacks is an important part of their overall plan of care.

Medical Nutrition Therapy
What you eat plays a role in both reducing symptoms from a chronic disease and recovering from an illness. Our Registered Dietitian (RD) is a food and nutrition expert who translates the science of nutrition therapy into practical solutions for healthy living.

The RD collaborates with the patient, family, physician, and other members of the interdisciplinary team to implement food-focused and specialized nutrition interventions to improve the patient’s health and quality of life. The RD is skilled in promoting positive lifestyle choices and in the nutrition management of diseases such as:

  • cancer
  • celiac disease
  • diabetes
  • food allergies
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • heart and cardiovascular disease
  • kidney disease
  • malnutrition
  • obesity
  • osteoporosis
  • pulmonary/respiratory disease
  • stroke recovery
  • wounds